MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 8-K on 4 Dec 2017
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expenses of counsel to the Indemnified Party shall be considered “Losses” for purposes of this Agreement. Neither Party shall, without the prior written consent of the other Party (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned), settle, compromise or agree to the settlement or compromise of, or the entry of any judgment arising from, any Third Party Claim; provided, however, that the consent of the Indemnified Party shall not be required with respect to any settlement or judgment if (i) the Indemnifying Party agrees in writing to pay or cause to be paid any amounts payable pursuant to such settlement or judgment (net of any applicable Deductible), (ii) such settlement or judgement would not restrict the future activity or conduct of the Indemnified Party or any of its Affiliates, (iii) such settlement or judgment involves no finding or admission of a violation of Law or violation of the rights of any Person or admission of Liability by or other obligations on the part of the Indemnified Party or any of its Affiliates, and (iv) such settlement or judgment includes a complete release of the Indemnified Party and its Affiliates from further Liability.
(c)    The Indemnified Party and the Indemnifying Party shall reasonably cooperate in order to ensure the proper and adequate defense of a Third Party Claim, including by providing access to each other’s relevant business records and other documents and employees, it being understood that the reasonable costs and expenses of the Indemnified Party relating thereto shall be considered Losses. The Indemnified Party and the Indemnifying Party shall keep each other fully informed with respect to the status of such Third Party Claim.
(d)    The Indemnified Party and the Indemnifying Party shall use reasonable best efforts to avoid production of confidential information (consistent with applicable Law), and to cause all communications among employees, counsel and others representing any party to a Third Party Claim to be made so as to preserve any applicable attorney-client or work-product privileges.
12.5.    Direct Claims. If an Indemnified Party wishes to make a claim for indemnification hereunder for a Loss that does not result from a Third Party Claim (a “Direct Claim”), the Indemnified Party shall notify the Indemnifying Party in writing of such Direct Claim (a “Direct Claim Notice”), the specific section(s) of this Agreement that form the basis of the claim for indemnification, the amount or the estimated amount of damages sought with respect to such Direct Claim to the extent then ascertainable, any other remedy sought thereunder, any relevant time constraints relating thereto and, to the extent practicable, any other material details pertaining thereto. The Indemnifying Party shall have a period of thirty (30) days within which to respond to such Direct Claim by either delivering to the Indemnified Party in writing a response in which the Indemnifying Party will either: (i) agree that the Indemnified Party is entitled to indemnification for all of the Losses at issue in the Direct Claim or (ii) dispute the Indemnified Party’s entitlement to indemnification by delivering to the Indemnified Party a written notice. If the Indemnifying Party does not so respond within such thirty (30) day period, the Indemnifying Party will be deemed to have irrevocably accepted the Direct Claim. If the Indemnifying Party rejects all or any part of the Direct Claim, the Indemnified Party shall be free to seek enforcement of its rights to indemnification under this Agreement with respect to such Direct Claim.