MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 8-K on 4 Dec 2017
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will cause the amount of such excess, plus interest earned on such amount in such escrow account, to be released from the escrow account and paid to Seller Parent. Subject to Buyer’s compliance with its obligations in this Section 12.6(e), the exercise of such right of setoff by Buyer in good faith, whether or not ultimately determined to be justified, will not constitute an event of default hereunder. Neither the exercise of nor the failure to exercise such right of setoff will constitute an election of remedies or limit Buyer in any manner in the enforcement of any other remedies that may be available to it. For the avoidance of doubt, in no event shall Buyer be entitled to set off against any Royalty Payments payable pursuant to Section 2.6(a)(v).
12.7.    Characterization of Indemnification Payments. Except as otherwise required by applicable Law, all payments made by an Indemnifying Party to an Indemnified Party in respect of any claim pursuant to Section 12.2 or Section 12.3 shall be treated as adjustments to the purchase price for all applicable Tax purposes.
12.8.    Exclusive Remedy. Subject to Section 13.12, from and after the Closing, except in the event of fraud (as construed in accordance with Delaware law) with respect to the representations and warranties made by Seller Parent or Buyer in this Agreement, the exclusive remedy for any Indemnified Party for Losses or other monetary damages arising from a breach of this Agreement shall be the indemnification provided in this ARTICLE XII.
12.9.    Duty to Mitigate. Nothing herein shall relieve any Indemnified Party of its common law duty to mitigate Losses. Without limiting the foregoing, each Indemnified Party shall take commercially reasonable steps to mitigate all Losses after becoming aware of any event that could reasonably be expected to give rise to any Losses that are indemnifiable hereunder, in each case to the extent such mitigation is required by Law.
12.10.    Investigation. The right to indemnification or any other remedy based on representations, warranties, covenants and agreements of a Party in this Agreement, or in any Ancillary Agreement, shall not be affected by any investigation conducted by any Indemnified Party or any other Person at any time, or any knowledge acquired (or capable of being acquired) by any Indemnified Party or any other Person at any time, whether before or after the execution and delivery of this Agreement and prior to the Closing, with respect to the accuracy or inaccuracy of, or compliance with, any such representation, warranty, covenant or agreement.

13.1.    Assignment. Subject to Section 1.3, this Agreement may not be assigned or otherwise transferred by either Party without the prior written consent of the other Party; provided, however, that (1) Buyer shall have the right to assign all or certain provisions of this Agreement or any interest herein, without the consent of Sellers, as collateral security to any Financing Sources, but no such collateral assignment shall release Buyer of its obligations under this Agreement and (2) Seller Parent shall have the right to assign all or any part of its rights to receive the Royalty Payments and its rights set forth in Section 2.8 and Section 2.9, and delegate any of its obligations under this Agreement related thereto (including pursuant to Section 2.8 and Section 2.9), to any