MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 8-K on 4 Dec 2017
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transaction referred to above or for patent, patent prosecution or other out-of-pocket expenses relating to such Product incurred after the date of the sale, licensing, sublicensing, distribution or other transaction referred to above or (y) received by Buyer or any of its Controlled Affiliates from a Person to which Buyer has transferred its rights to sell Products outside the U.S. and which Person, in connection with such transfer, has not also assumed Buyer’s obligation to make all milestone payments to a third party with respect to such Products but is contractually obligated to pay to Buyer an amount in respect of or equal to such milestone payments, solely to the extent that Buyer is required to, and does, following receipt of such amounts, promptly pay such amounts to such third party to whom such milestone payments are owed;
less, in each of clauses (a) and (b), the following deductions, in each case related specifically to such Product, to the extent reasonable and customary, and actually allowed and not otherwise recovered by or reimbursed to the Selling Entity: (i) refunds, allowance or credits for recalls, breakage, rejected, or returned products, (ii) excise, use, value added, and sales Taxes (other than income Taxes) included in the invoiced amounts, (iii) tariffs, import/export duties, customs duties, and other imposts actually paid by the Selling Entity, (iv) quantity, trade, and cash discounts, including those allowed under group purchasing organization or other commercial customer or payor contracts, stocking incentives and patient assistance programs, (v) price reductions, chargebacks or rebates, retroactive or otherwise, to the extent required by applicable Law, including Medicaid, managed care rebates and Medicare rebates, Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense discounts and Public Health Service Act rebates and (vi) distribution or any other similar service fees.  With respect to each relevant period for which Net Sales are calculated hereunder, there shall be included appropriate accruals for all of the items listed in clauses (i) through (vi) of the immediately preceding sentence, calculated according to GAAP, and adjustments to accruals as increases or decreases to Net Sales (as applicable) by the difference between actual paid amounts and accruals for all such items in the prior measurement period.  All of the foregoing (including each of the components with the Net Sales calculation) and the recording of a sale of a Product is deemed to occur and shall be calculated in accordance with GAAP and the normal revenue recognition policies of Buyer during the relevant period with respect to the sale of the applicable Products; provided that, with respect to Net Sales outside of the U.S. under clause (b) above, allowances shall be calculated in accordance with the local GAAP and revenue recognition policies applicable to the relevant counterparty. In the case of each of clauses (a) and (b) above, if a Product is sold in combination with any one or more other products that were not combined with the Product as of the Closing Date and, if such Product is also sold separately on a commercial basis, then the portion of Net Sales attributable to sales of such Product in such combination product sales shall be determined according to the ratio of (A) the invoiced amount at which the Product is sold separately to (B) the invoiced amount of any such combination of products sold in which the Product is included.
Net Sales Statement” has the meaning set forth in Section 2.8(a).
Non-Business Employee” means each Person who is employed by a Seller or by a Subsidiary of a Seller and who is not a Business Employee.