MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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            TMC shall have the right to use CROs and other sub-contractors for
            the purposes of carrying out the Pilot Study, provided that TMC
            shall notify ASTRAZENECA without unreasonable delay following any
            such appointment of a CRO or other sub-contractor. TMC shall ensure
            that all of its CROs or other sub-contractors will comply with all
            terms and conditions of this Agreement and TMC shall remain fully
            responsible for the compliance by such CROs or other sub-contractors
            with the terms and conditions of this Agreement as if such CROs or
            other sub-contractors were TMC hereunder.

2.4.        The Parties shall use their best reasonable efforts to initiate and
            complete without unreasonable delay following the Effective Date a
            study protocol setting forth a detailed description of the Pilot
            Study, to be based in all substantial parts on the study outline set
            forth in Schedule 3. Such study protocol shall be attached hereto as
            the Schedule 3, thereby replacing and superseding the version of
            Schedule 3 attached hereto at the Effective Date, and, for the
            avoidance of doubt, the Pilot Study shall be carried out according
            to such study protocol. Should the Parties not have been able
            despite such best reasonable efforts to agree on a study protocol
            within four (4) months of the Effective Date, then upon the request
            in writing by either

            Party within thirty (30) days of the expiration of such four months
            period this Agreement shall immediately terminate.

2.5.        Tottie Nordlander at ASTRAZENECA, or whoever ASTRAZENECA assigns and
            notifies TMC in writing about, shall be ASTRAZENECA's primary
             person during the term of this Agreement. TMC shall where
            necessary, advisable or useful discuss with Tottie Nordlander any
            important aspects of the performance of the Pilot Study.

2.6.        TMC shall keep ASTRAZENECA continually updated about the conduct of
            the Pilot Study by means of meetings and written reports, whichever
            would be suitable for the purpose of keeping ASTRAZENECA
            sufficiently informed. No less than once every fourth (4th) week TMC
            shall submit to ASTRAZENECA a written report summarising progress on
            the Pilot Study during the period concerned. Within sixty (60) days
            of completion of clean file