MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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11.1.       Subject to Article 11.2 no press release, announcement or any other
            communication to any Third Party concerning the transaction
            contemplated by this Agreement, the financial terms of this
            Agreement, the subject matter of this Agreement or any ancillary
            matters shall be made or permitted or authorized to be made by
            either Party without the prior written approval of the other, such
            approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed and such
            approval to be given by an authorized representative of the Party in
            question. Notwithstanding the above, TMC may make the press
            announcement set forth in Schedule 4 at the Effective Date or in
            immediate connection therewith.

11.2.       Either Party may make an announcement concerning the transaction
            contemplated by this Agreement or any ancillary matter if required
            by law, existing contractual obligations or any securities exchange
            or Regulatory Authority or governmental body to which either Party
            is subject or submits, wherever situated, provided that the Party
            required to make such announcement notifies the other Party of the
            details of the announcement prior to making such announcement and in
            sufficient time for the other Party to consider and comment on the
            announcement, and takes advantage of all provisions to keep
            confidential as many terms of the Agreement as possible.

12.         NO GRANT OF RIGHTS

            Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted expressly or implied
            as granting either Party any licence or other rights, except as
            expressly set out in this Agreement.

13.         DISCLAIMER

13.1.       Any Samples so furnished by ASTRAZENECA to TMC hereunder are to be
            treated by TMC as potentially hazardous in handling and use and
            ASTRAZENECA gives no warranty or representation regarding the safety
            or efficacy of the Compound.