MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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1.6.        "ASTRAZENECA Indemnified Party" shall have the meaning defined in
            Article 10.1.1.

1.7.        "ASTRAZENECA Know-How" shall mean any Know-How relating to the
            Compound and/or the Product, developed, acquired or licensed by
            ASTRAZENECA prior to the License Agreement Effective Date and in
            ASTRAZENECA's possession at the License Agreement Effective Date.

1.8.        "ASTRAZENECA Patent Rights" shall mean the patents and patent
            applications as set out in Schedule A and any Patent Rights claiming
            priority thereto.

1.9.        "ASTRAZENECA Trademark" shall mean the trademark Clevelox(TM) which
            ASTRAZENECA as of the License Agreement Effective Date has
            registered for the Product in the countries set forth in Schedule B.

1.10.       "Combination Product" shall mean any pharmaceutical product in a
            finished dosage form which comprises the Compound and at least one
            other active pharmaceutical ingredient.

1.11.       "Commercially Reasonable Efforts" shall mean with respect to the
            efforts to be expended by a Party with respect to any objective, the
            use of reasonable, diligent, good faith efforts to accomplish such
            objective as such Party would normally use to accomplish a similar
            objective under similar circumstances, it being understood and
            agreed that with respect to the research, development or
            commercialisation of Product, such efforts shall be substantially
            equivalent to those efforts and resources commonly used by a Party
            for a product owned by it or to which it has rights, which product
            is at a similar stage in its development or product life and is of
            similar market potential taking into account efficacy, safety,
            Regulatory Authority-approved labelling, the competitiveness of
            alternative products in the marketplace, the patent and other
            proprietary position of the Product, the likelihood of regulatory
            approval given the regulatory structure involved,