MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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9.          TRADEMARK

9.1.        Should TMC not within twelve (12) months of the License Agreement
            Effective Date notify ASTRAZENECA that TMC wishes to maintain its
            exclusive license to the ASTRAZENECA Trademark as granted under
            Article 2.1, or should TMC within such twelve-months period notify
            ASTRAZENECA in writing that TMC does not wish to maintain such
            exclusive license to the ASTRAZENECA Trademark, then upon the
            expiration of such twelve-months period or the date of such written
            notice, whichever is the earlier,

            (a)   the exclusive license insofar as it relates to the ASTRAZENECA
                  Trademark under Article 2.1 shall immediately cease and the
                  ASTRAZENECA Trademark shall cease to be a part of the
                  ASTRAZENECA IP for all purposes of this Agreement;

            (b)   all rights so granted in the ASTRAZENECA Trademark to TMC
                  shall revert to ASTRAZENECA;

            (c)   TMC shall immediately return to ASTRAZENECA any ASTRAZENECA
                  Know-How relating to the ASTRAZENECA Trademark and grant to
                  ASTRAZENECA a non-exclusive, perpetual, remuneration-free and
                  world-wide license to use any Know-How developed by TMC
                  relating to the ASTRAZENECA Trademark for the purpose of
                  commercialising the Product.

            Should the rights have been so reverted, then TMC shall select a
            trademark of its own, not being confusingly similar to the
            ASTRAZENECA Trademark, to use in connection with the sales,
            marketing and distribution of the Product and shall be the owner and
            party of record of such trademark (the "TMC Trademark"). TMC shall
            have sole responsibility for clearance and registration of said TMC
            Trademark. TMC shall be responsible for all