MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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            disproportionately high in relation primarily to the estimated value
            of the Product then TMC may offer ASTRAZENECA to carry all or part
            of such costs, or, should ASTRAZENECA notify TMC in writing that it
            declines to do so, notify ASTRAZENECA that it does not wish to
            maintain the license to the ASTRAZENECA Trademark for the country
            concerned; whereupon what is stated in Articles 9.1. (a) through (c)
            shall apply regarding such country.

9.5.        TMC undertakes, should ASTRAZENECA so require in writing, to mention
            on all packages, package inserts and promotional and advertising
            materials for the Product "Licensed from AstraZeneca AB" or the
            equivalent wording in the major language(s) of the country in which
            the Product is sold, or, should legal, regulatory or similar reasons
            prevent the use of that wording, such other wording as close as
            possible to the wording herein stated.

10.         INDEMNITY

10.1.       Indemnity by TMC.

10.1.1.     TMC shall be responsible for and shall indemnify ASTRAZENECA, its
            Affiliates and its and its Affiliates' directors, officers, other
            employees, agents and consultants (collectively the "ASTRAZENECA
            Indemnified Party") against any and all liability, loss, damage,
            cost and expense (including legal costs) incurred or suffered by the
            ASTRAZENECA Indemnified Party as a result of any claim brought
            against an ASTRAZENECA Indemnified Party by a Third Party (i)
            arising out of the testing, manufacture, sale, use or promotion by
            TMC, its Affiliates or sub-licensees of any Compound or Product
            hereunder; (ii) arising out of any theory of product liability
            (including, but not limited to, actions in the form of tort,
            warranty or strict liability) based on Compounds or Products
            developed by TMC hereunder; or (iii) arising out of any other
            activities to be carried out by TMC, its Affiliates or sub-licensees
            pursuant to this