MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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            or Products sold by ASTRAZENECA hereunder; or (iii) which arises as
            a result of a breach of a warranty or representation of ASTRAZENECA
            set out in Article 13, except where such liability, loss, damage,
            cost and expense has been incurred or suffered as a result of a
            material breach of TMC's obligations under this Agreement or by
            gross negligence or misconduct on the part of TMC.

10.2.2.     A TMC Indemnified Party that intends to claim indemnification under
            Article 10.2.1 shall notify ASTRAZENECA promptly of any such
            liability, loss, damage, cost and expense and permit ASTRAZENECA to
            control the defence and disposition thereof and further agrees to
            reasonably cooperate at ASTRAZENECA's expense with ASTRAZENECA in
            the handling thereof. The TMC Indemnified Party shall not compromise
            or settle such claim. ASTRAZENECA agrees to keep TMC informed of the
            progress in the defence and disputation of such claims and to
            consult with TMC with regard to any settlement thereof which
            ASTRAZENECA proposes to enter into and will provide TMC with
            suitable information regarding the same.

10.2.3.     ASTRAZENECA will either maintain appropriate liability insurance or
            be self insured against such liability as contemplated under Article


11.1.       Confidential Information. At all times during the term of this
            Agreement and for a period of five (5) years following termination
            or expiration hereof, each Party shall, and shall cause its
            officers, directors, employees and agents to, keep confidential and
            not publish or otherwise disclose and not use, directly or
            indirectly, for any purpose, any Confidential Information provided
            to it by the other Party, provided, that, each Party may disclose
            and use the Confidential Information of the other Party to the
            extent such disclosure or use is expressly permitted by the terms of
            this Agreement,