MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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      (e)   the use on the Internet of any other package of the Product than the
            packages of the Product for the Territory.

14.4 Domain Names, Marks, Corporate Names and Meta-Tags.

      In no event shall Nycomed: (i) establish, operate, sponsor, or contribute
content to any site on the Internet which incorporates the word "Angiomax" or
"The Medicines Company", any of TMC's trademarks, service marks or trade names
identified in Exhibit E hereto (the "Marks") or any variation of such Marks as
its URL address or any part of such address; (ii) register any domain name which
incorporates any of the words "Angiomax" or "The Medicines Company" or the Marks
(and Nycomed hereby agrees to transfer such domain name to TMC if it breaches
this provision); (iii) register any of TMC's Marks or any Marks that are
confusingly similar to any of the words "Angiomax" or "The Medicines Company" or
TMC's Marks; (iv) form (or change the name of) any corporation or other entity
under or to a name which incorporates any of the words "Angiomax" or "The
Medicines Company" or any of TMC's Marks; or (v) at any time during or after the
term of this Agreement, in order to attract visitors to any site on the
Internet, (A) use "Angiomax" or "The Medicines Company", any of TMC's Marks or
any variation thereof as a meta-tag or invisible text or on any unused frame or
bridge page, (B) purchase "Angiomax" or "The Medicines Company", any of TMC's
Marks or any variation thereof as a search term from any search engine; or (C)
engage in any other practice designed to direct web browsers using search
engines to different web pages or versions of web pages than the pages
corresponding to search terms entered by the user (including without limitation
"bridge pages", "cloaking" or "pagejacking").

14.5 Equitable Relief.

      Nycomed acknowledges and agrees that due to the unique nature of domain
names, there can be no adequate remedy at law for any breach of its obligations
under this Article 14, and that any breach may allow Nycomed or third parties to
unfairly compete with TMC, and therefore, that upon any breach by Nycomed or
threat thereof, TMC shall be entitled to appropriate equitable relief in
addition to whatever remedies it might have at law. Nycomed shall notify TMC in
writing immediately upon the occurrence of any such breach or any threat thereof
of which it is aware.


      TMC will defend and maintain at its cost the Patents in the Territory on
the Product. At TMC's cost, TMC shall file patent extension applications and
prosecute and maintain all such extensions for those countries in the Territory
and in Spain, Portugal and Greece identified by Nycomed at least forty-five (45)
days prior to the date that such extensions must be filed. If TMC does not take
appropriate actions against any infringement or threatened infringement by a
third party of the Patents, within ninety (90) days of Nycomed's request to do
so, Nycomed will have the right to institute such proceedings at its own cost
and expense. All damages, including