MEDICINES CO /DE filed this form 10-Q on 15 May 2002
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                                    EXHIBIT B

                                 TRANSFER PRICE

1. Upon Product delivery, Nycomed shall pay to TMC, pursuant to the terms and
conditions of the Agreement, the greater of:

      (a)   [**]% of the Average Net Unit Selling Price of the Product x the
            Number of Product units sold by Nycomed (in US dollars based on the
            applicable exchange rate(s)); and

      (b)   A Minimum Transfer Price of $ [**] per unit of Product until the
            third (3rd) anniversary of the First Launch Date, with the Minimum
            Transfer Price increased annually thereafter by the annual
            percentage increase in TMC's manufacturing costs (excluding
            royalties on sale payable to Biogen or its successor) for the
            Product, if any, after such third (3rd) anniversary date, such
            increase not to exceed [**]% per annum.

2. Nycomed (a) may be entitled to the following discount (a "Production Volume
Discount") in a particular calendar year:

Annual Global Chemilog                               % discount off Average Net Unit
Production by TMC for all Purchasers                 Selling Price
------------------------------------                 -------------------------------
<S>                                                  <C>
[**] kilos                                           [**]%
More than  [**]kilos - [**] kilos                    [**]%
More than  [**] kilos - [**] kilos                   [**]%
More than  [**] kilos                                [**]%

(b) so long as Nycomed 's total purchases of the Product (in kilos) from TMC
during such calendar year equals or exceeds the following minimum percentage of
TMC's total annual global Chemilog production (in kilos) of the Product during
such calendar year:

         Calendar Year                               Minimum Percentage
         -------------                               ------------------
<S>                                                  <C>
         Calendar year during which First
         Launch Date occurs                          [**]%
         All calendar years thereafter               [**]%