Sarah J. Schlesinger, MD

Sarah J. Schlesinger has been a director since February 2018.  Dr. Schlesinger has spent more than 20 years working in the field of cellular immunity.  She is currently the Chair of The Rockefeller University Hospital’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Senior Physician and Associate Professor of Clinical Investigation at The Rockefeller University.  Prior to becoming Chair of the hospital’s IRB, Dr.

Geno J. Germano

Geno J. Germano has been a director since November 2017.  Mr. Germano was, most recently, President of Intrexon Corporation, a leader in synthetic biology, from June 1, 2016 to March 2017. He previously held the position of Group President of the Global Innovative Pharma Business of Pfizer, Inc., where he led a growing global $14 billion business with market-leading medicines and an extensive portfolio of late-stage development candidates in several therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, metabolic disease, neuroscience, inflammation, immunology, and rare diseases. Mr.

Paris Panayiotopoulos

Paris Panayiotopoulos has been a director since March 2017. Mr. Panayiotopoulos most recently served as President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of ARIAD Pharmaceuticals Inc., where he led approximately a five-fold multiple in market value in one year and the acquisition by Takeda Pharmaceuticals for $5.2 billion in February 2017. Prior to joining ARIAD in January 2016, Mr. Panayiotopoulos served as President of EMD Serono Inc., the North American biopharmaceutical business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, from 2013 through 2015.

Chris Visioli

Chris Visioli joined The Medicines Company in June 2003.  He has worked in a variety of leadership roles in the organization including business development, finance, investor relations, strategy, planning, and business leadership of the anti-platelet team.  Chris has led many efforts in the organization to acquire products and establish partnerships in addition to leading long-term strategy and financial planning work.  Prior to joining MDCO, Chris was a management consultant for Ernst & Young.


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